Brick by Brick

Brick by Brick models enable playing in several steps:

constructing of models,
dyeing and painting (with water colors, tempera or acrylics),
creating real estate situations with different objects,
learning about traffic rules and traffic signs.

What exactly is Brick by Brick?
It is a game and an entertainment; nevertheless, it is much more than that!

Brick by Brick offers children the possibility to make fun while creating a game of their own, to develop their imagination and sense of locality, to exercise their psychomotoric   abilities   and   learn from practical experiences of their own.  Only one  Brick by Brick box  opens  the young constructors the door to the real world of architects, builders , structural engineers, project managers, tilers, traffic experts and many different jobs  connected with  building and designing houses, not forgetting the look and the traffic organization  of the whole settlement. Kit-boxes ready to build wooden models of houses and other buildings contain natural materials only, alder- and poplar-wood  pieces to be used for building, a water-based glue for wood, and a detail “building plan”.

When building the structure, young builders have to think a lot about each further step, what leads them to the final conclusion that in the real world, there is no “undo”   command, usual   in   the   virtual   world   where most of   nowadays   children and adults spend so   much  time.

Brick by Brick

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